The contemplation of beauty provokes positive feelings and acts as a therapy to improve our mood. If you have had a discussion with your partner or an endless day of work, it is one of the best things you can do. If you prefer, do some activity in nature, such as doing yoga or running, but if you can not simply recreate the most beautiful landscapes that you can quickly access from the place where you live.

A forest or an environment with trees will suffice. We know that sometimes it is complicated to find, but surely there is a place near your house where you can “get lost” for a few minutes every day. Turn off electronic equipment and do not rush any for half an hour. Look carefully at the small natural details, such as the branches of a tree, the dance of insects, sand, water, flowers … Also enjoy natural sounds, such as birdsong, and allow your relax with this activity that will lead you to the conclusion of how perfect nature can sometimes be.

In nature, you will learn to disconnect

One of the main reasons why we give you this advice is that your small daily break to free and natural environments will make you disconnect as you do not imagine. If you learn to take full advantage of it, you will forget for a few minutes your responsibilities and disappointments and you will evade possible worries that you may have. To achieve this goal that can only bring benefits in the short and long term, we insist that you must disconnect all mobile devices and devices and thus make the disconnection is complete (what is the use of going to a forest and looking at the mobile screen or check e-mails from work, instead of evading us and observing nature?) Do not think about anything, leave behind responsibilities and learn to appreciate those moments. Pausing from time to time is vital to be able to cope better with our jobs, which often require too much of us, and to keep the stress and nerves that hurt us at bay. Many people propose to disconnect everything for 24 hours and it feels very good. Doing it for half an hour a day will not bring you anything but positive things.